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Reginald Wilson

Reginald Wilson of Edward Street, Gouyave, St.

Eric William LaQua

Eric William LaQua of Westerhall Heights, St.

Denise Alexis also known as “Brenda”

Denise Alexis also known as “Brenda” of Prospect Hall, Carria

Victoria Ann Sharpe

Victoria Ann Sharpe of LaBoo, who resided at Belle Vue, St.

Theresa Lucina Noel

Theresa Lucina Noel of Carriacou passed away on Sunday 1

Adrian Findley

Adrian Findley , beloved husband of Veronica Findley (decease

Hawkins Vernon Brebnor

Hawkins Vernon Brebnor of Calivigny, St.

Daily Abraham

Daily Abraham of Grand Roy, St.

Fedora Joseph also known as “Vena”

Fedora Joseph also known as “Vena” of Hermitage Carriacou, p

Victor Keron George

Victor Keron George of L’Esterre, Carriacou who resided in th