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Candice Calliste

Candice Calliste of Chantimelle, St. Patrick who resided in St Vincent, passed away on Friday 9th October, 2020 at the age of 32


She was the Daughter of: Carmen Calliste


Mother of: Keandre in Grenada, Kaden and Kyrie Cumberbatch in St. Vincent, Granddaughter of: Angela Joseph


Sister of many in G’da, Canada and the USA including: Gavon, Wendell, Mike, Steve, Kisha, Janice, Joan, Jeanette, Jacqueline, Nadia and Jessie


Close and dear friend of: Kelroy Cumberbatch, In law: Claudia Cumberbatch


Goddaughter of: Faith Phillip, Aunt of 32 including: Adiah, La Keeda, Jamal and Jamalia


Many cousins, uncles, aunts other relatives and close friends in the USA and Grenada including: including: Jenny Lyn, Lenis, Denise, Uncle Paul, Deslyn, Shawn, Roxanne, Surana, Shirley Ann, Neil, Donna Swapp and Natasha La Mothe, the Joseph, Baptiste, Campbell and Phillip families of Chantimelle and Birchgrove, the Mark family of Victoria, Members of the Chantimelle Privilege Theater, friends and neighbors of Chantimelle and surrounding communities.


Funeral on Sunday 1st November, 2020 in St. Vincent

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