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Jeff “Dab-Dab” Bedeau

Jeff “Dab-Dab” Bedeau of River Road, St.

Ronnie Dermot John

Ronnie Dermot John of River Sallee, St.

Rosaline Leid

Rosaline Leid of Mt. craven, St.

Carl Phillip also known as “TUB”

Carl Phillip also known as “TUB” passed away in Brooklyn, NY

Breadley Michael Jones

Breadley Michael Jones of La Digue, resided at Battle Hill, S

Louise Mary Nyack

Louise Mary Nyack of Morne Fendue, St.

George Washington Gellineau

George Washington Gellineau of LaBorie Road, St. Paul’s, St.

Anna Benjamin also known as “Faith”

Anna Benjamin also known as “Faith” of L’Esterre, Carriacou w

James Clarkson

James Clarkson of Mardigras, St.

Denise Mitchell

Denise Mitchell of Belmont, St. George and Gouyave, St.

Sovereign John Noel

Sovereign John Noel of Industry, St.