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What is Gouyave Fish Friday Festival?

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Pictures of Fish Friday Celebration held every Friday at St. Francis Street Gouyave, St.John's Grenada. W.I. Please enjoy

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Fish Friday Celebration dd 24/09/05 (43 photos)

Pictures Of Fish Friday Celebration held every Friday at St Fancis Street Gouyave, St. John's Grenada
Fish Friday Celebration dd 30/09/05 (103 photos)

Fish Friday Celebration dd 07/10/05 (72 photos)

Today saw appearances from Specks and the Boys
Fish Friday 15/10/05 (57 photos)
Fish Friday 21/10/05 (27 photos)
Fish Friday Celebration dd 29/10/05 (56 photos)

Webmaster  is back
Fish Friday 23-12-05 (92 photos)

Fish Friday pictures 23/12/05
Fish Friday Celebration dd 30/12/05 (91 photos)

Final Fish Friday Celebration for the Year 2005. Looking foward to your support in the New Year to come. We at Gogouyave & the members of the Fish Friday Committee will like to say a special thank you for your support through out the last year, and to one and all a bright an prosperous new year.
Fish Friday dated 06/01/06 (96 photos)

The First Fish Friday For 2006. Sorry I could not have gotten more pics as I reached up late from work that day.
Fish Friday 20th January, 2006 (25 photos)

First I must apologies to the viewers of the site for not having as much pictures this week and for last week. Last week I had a engagement and was unable to take the pics , and this week the camera was acting up so I was only able to get these few pics .

Fish Friday dd 27/01/06 (85 photos)

Rain Could not have stopped this week, Fish Friday.

This week had performances from Specks and the boys and music was supplied by Dj. HiFi (Trevor).

Fish Friday Celebration dd 03/02/06 (43 photos)

This weeks photos was taken by miss Roxann George as the webmaster was pre occupied.

This week saw performances from the Digicel Explosions, along with  Specks and the boys. Music was provided be Danny D sound system.

Fish Friday Celebration dd 10/02/06 (83 photos)

Fish Friday Celebration dd 17/02/06 (132 photos)



 Fish Friday 4th to 25th Nov

Dec. 2nd, 9th, 16th

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    and Christmas tree lighting